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  1. 1 Credit = $1, During Check-out, Up to 20% of Merchandise Cost can be Paid with Shopping Credits

    1. Our site will occasionally give out free Shopping Credits as token of appreciation to our customers and supporters.
    2. The Shopping Credits will be automatically deposited into customers' accounts.
    3. Upon the launch of SOSOON’s Shopping Credits, each Credit is worth $1 and can be used to deduct the final price of your purchases.
    4. ∗ Shopping Credits can only be used during check-out within SOSOON. They cannot be used on other uitox services online,
    5. shopping cites or be exchanged for cash or merchandise.
    6. How to Use:
    7. During the check-out process, the system will calculate the total amount after deduction when using Shopping Credits. Click on "Use Shopping Credits" box for deduction.
    8. Restriction
    9. For each order, a maximum of 20% of the merchandise cost can be paid using the Credits. If after deduction the resulting price falls below the free shipping requirement, free shipping will still be applicable.
    10. Shopping Credits Validity
    11. Shopping Credits are valid for 30 days after issuing.
    12. Refund of Shopping Credits for Order Cancellation/Return
      1. If cancelling a whole order and the order has not been shipped and no refund is necessary, the Shopping Credits will be refunded to the account immediately with the original expiration date.
      2. If the order has already been shipped, during the refund process the Shopping Credits will be refunded to the original account with a new expiration date.
      3. If the order is returned in full, the Shopping Credits will be refunded in full. If the order is returned partially, the Shopping Credits will be returned in the same proportion.
    14. To check the expiration date and details of Shopping Credits, please go to My OrderCheck Shopping Credits
    16. UITOX PTE. LTD reserves the right to change, amend or terminate the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
      Any changes, amendments or terminations will be posted on this website.